GUANGDONG XINGNING QUNYING MACHINE CO.,LTD is a specialized factory for producing the complete set of equipments of nail making and wire drawing. It has high technical competence. Fourty years has passed since the first set of nail making machine was made. It has won over many buyers in the world by perfect construction, fine performance, high quality and reasonable price as well as best technical services after selling.
The Automatic Nail Making Machine is a special equipment for making round nails by cold upsetting technology. By changing some parts or being equipped accessory machines, It can also make other products such as revts, roofing nails, furniture nails, twisted nails, annular track nails, pointed ends' pins and umberella nails, etc. The main types of the Automatic Nail Making Machine made by us are Z94-1.8, Z94-3, Z94-6 etc. The main specifications of nails are as follows:
Max diameter 6.5mm, Min diameter 0.75mm, Max length 185mm, Min length 5mm, Output 180-420 pcs/min.
The A.N.M. Machine can be equipped with wire drawing machine, wire sharpening machine, polishing machine and cutter grinding machine, etc. as auxiliary equipments to be a complete set.
The wire Drawing Machine is a specisl equipment for drawing the wire whose materia ls cam be high, medium or low carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminium, stainless steel or alloy, and is suitable for making nails, screws, cable, wirerope, spring, galvanized wire, standard components, a rchitectural parts, handcrafts. Three kinds of wire drawing machine can be supplied, which are vertical one, horizontal one and water tank wire drawing machine. The diameter of finished wire will range from Φ0.1 to Φ14mm.
The wir drawing machine can be equipped with the scaling machine, sharpening machine or wire sharpening & threading machine, cam-winding drum etc. to form a complete processing line.
We can also supply wire galvanizing processing line.
We can not only supply the above mentioned machines or complete set of equipments but the engineering design and technical service of which.

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